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Why choose SFS?

An Employer, a search engine optimization firm based in Riverside, CA., benefited significantly by switching to Spear Financial. The company’s health insurance premiums were escalating rapidly despite a relatively young and healthy workforce. The driver of those increases was the presence of one 68-year-old employee in the health insurance plan. Management realized that it needed a new approach to its health benefits.

The Employer opted to change brokers to address these issues. Spear Financial suggested a separate health insurance plan to cover the 68-year-old employee and identified a new health insurance plan for the remaining employees that could accommodate the company’s workforce more cost-effectively.

This solution reduced premiums by more than 10 percent. This experience showed you how important it is to find a broker who will take the time to understand all of your needs and the value of a broker.

“It is important to find a broker who asks the right questions" - Spear Financial Services