How we help

Keith Spear partners with a general agency that has more than 30 years of experience. He's an independent insurance broker that specialize in health insurance for Southern California.

"We help businesses save money by knowing their business and providing solutions to stay competitive.” - Keith Spear

Why choose Spear?

An Employer, a search engine optimization firm based in Riverside, CA., benefited significantly by switching to Spear Financial. The company’s health insurance premiums were escalating rapidly despite a relatively young and healthy workforce. The driver of those increases was the presence of one 68-year-old employee in the health insurance plan. Management realized that it needed a new approach to its health benefits.

The Employer opted to change brokers to address these issues. Spear Financial suggested a separate health insurance plan to cover the 68-year-old employee and identified a new health insurance plan for the remaining employees that could accommodate the company’s workforce more cost-effectively.

This solution reduced premiums by more than 10 percent. This experience showed you how important it is to find a broker who will take the time to understand all of your needs and the value of a broker.

“It is important to find a broker who asks the right questions" - Spear Insurance Agency

Service & Solutions

  • Online enrollment, compliance, and administration support
  • Lunch & Learn sessions for employees
  • Local support to help employees choose benefits based on their needs

Why choose Spear Financial Services?

  • Peace of mind with exceptional service
  • Popular insurance plans for your employee preference
  • We transition retirees to a Medicare Health Plan

4 Reasons for Employee Health Benefits

  1. Health insurance gives employees access to an affordable coverage.
  2. Health insurance is a key factor for recruitment and retention.
  3. 64% of employees believe the workplace is an important source of health insurance.
  4. Help maintain their financial stability, no matter what happens.